We are Offbeat.
We represent creative
spaces for innovative music.

We are offbeat.

We are the venues, the clubs, the live entertainment bars, the cultural institutions and the places of artistic creation that defy labels. We are a multitude of people who bring artistic spaces to life, spaces for musicians to share and spaces where projects can grow.
We are not places of transit where artists simply pass-by, but rather places of residence, vital and familiar stopovers on the artists’ route.

We stand at the very heart of a network that we call ‘the scene’ and we thrive on the energy of the artists, the fidelity of the audience, the passion of the music enthusiasts and the commitment of our partners. Together we imagine the places that will leave a mark in the history of creative and innovative music. In so doing, we nurture artistic communities that flourish locally, yet whose energy radiates out to neighbouring cities throughout Europe thanks to the power of encounters and collaborations.
We work towards developing and preserving the dynamism of our territories, the reputation of our cities and the liveliness of our neighbourhoods. Indeed, we provide space for initiatives that encourage the professionalization of musicians and the emergence of many artists. As places of life and community, we also defend the need for social interactions in daily life and local cultural practices.

We want to make room for new ways of considering our audience, not only as viewers but as driving forces who can identify with the venues. We listen to their needs, we work with them and we place experience over consumption. Over the years, we have built strong relationships with the regulars who support us whilst warmly welcoming every newcomer who walks through our doors.

We exist independently from one another, yet we share a common history and common challenges. In the context of new trends in music, new regulations of urban centers as well as the fragile economics of our business, we aim at bringing together the skills and potential that will help us face any changes that we may encounter. By heartily endorsing diversity and intensity we have the ambition to promote our own ways of envisioning music. We dream of a network of places that are united yet not identical, with each their very own identity and a truly unique musical experience to offer.

We are Offbeat. We represent creative spaces for innovative music.